• The Island of Capri

    Capri, NA, Italy .

    Visit the Beautiful island of Capri. Do not miss the opportunity of a fantastic day out along the Amalfi Coast on a boat tour!

    You could use the Charter "Tumiturbi"  boat belonging to our family or a similar one, for a luxury day out in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

    Praiano and Positano also offer small group excursions you can join for a small fee. Please inquiry which could be your best option.



  • Pompeii Ruins

    Pompei Scavi, Via Plinio, Pompei, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy .

    The archaeological ruins of Pompeii cover around 440,000 square meters, a vast area that would take days to explore completely. Pompeii is an entire buried city with squares, temples, baths, public buildings, private villas, and shops...just a visit to the city's forum takes about an hour.

    Pompeii was probably founded   around the 8th century BC. Pompeii became an important commercial center early on, catching the interest of the invading Greeks and Etruscans.

    Pompeii became known as an important exporter of olive oil and wine, benefiting from the Mediterranean free market under Roman protection.

    During its Roman period, the city reached its architectural and economic peak, transforming into one of the most popular recreational and resort towns of the Roman aristocracy. During the Imperial Age, many wealthy Roman families moved to Pompeii.

    Under the Emperor Nero, the city was seriously damaged due to a strong earthquake in 62 AD, and rebuilding immediately began. Work was interrupted on 24 August of 79 AD by the disastrous eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

    You can visit the town using the public transportation and train that stops by the ruins entrance. Or use a car and park near the city doors, or getting with a car service